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Let Us Create the Content for You

To stand out in an ocean of content, brands need compelling content developed by experts who know the audience and can target their needs. We can do that for you. We will partner with you to develop compelling and effective stories and multimedia that engage customers and deliver measurable results for you.


  • Blog Posts & Articles
  • White Papers
  • Infographics
  • E-books
  • Case Studies

PRICE: Packages start at $5,000.

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Audience Requested Content

We ask our audience what they want us to write about. Then we take their suggestion and allow all our site visitors to vote on whether they also want to hear about that topic. Once we reach a critical mass of interest, we come back to you. Based on the topic, we’ll decide whether it fits best as an article, white paper, infographic, e-book, case study or webinar. You can either create the content yourself, ask one of your clients to do it under your brand’s name or have us create it for you with your sponsorship.

With this you will get:

  • Content market research.
  • A new pool of highly engaged HR leaders.
  • Hyper targeted content approach.
  • Assets you can use for future campaigns.

PRICE: Starts as low as $7,500

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Research Based Content

You can leverage our audience’s knowledge too. We can create a custom survey to tap into our audience for industry trends, brand awareness, marketing intelligence and persona building. All surveys are guaranteed 400 responses and can be custom tailored to your topic. Once you have your research we can help you promote it and present it in a number of ways.


  • Proprietary target research aimed at specific market segments.
  • Promotion within our brand and option to co-brand with our magazine.
  • High-quality deliverables presented in print- and web-ready formats.
  • Raw data and production files.


  • Infographic.
  • Eight- to 12-page white paper on survey findings.
  • Webinar.
  • Lead generation campaign for 100-plus leads.
  • Two-page magazine supplement.

PRICE: Packages start at $15,000.

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